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The Nike SB Dunk High Pro TurDUNKen

Nike SB Dunk High Concepts Turdunken

The Nike SB Dunk High Pro TurDUNKen

Concepts are already a well known name in the history of Nike SB Dunks, from the Red Lobster Dunk in 2009 to the more recent Dunk Low Holy Grail and now fresh of the Smoker. The Nike SB Dunk High Pro TurDUNKen is the newest project Concepts and Nike SB worked on.

Concepts Creative Director Deon Point stated “We’ve definitely never taken ourselves too seriously. We’re well versed in sport. We come from luxury. But, the thing with us that always gets overlooked is our sense of humor. We love to have fun” which is also reflected in this Dunk High.

This Dunk is based on the Turducken which is a combination of turkey, duck and chicken. It is a dish manly popularised by American Football announcers. Colorway wise is the Dunk inspired by the Mallard Duck. Which is made apparent with various shades of brown and a couple hits of a blue-green iredecent color on the Sneaker.

This Dunk really starts to shine when you pay attention to all the well worked out details on the Sneaker.

Starting of at the sole of the Dunk you can clearly see that the inspiration for the light orange outsole and orangy sail midsole resemble the feet of a duck. The toe box is made out of a dark cream coloured leather. The mudguard and also lace eyelids are made out of a nappy light brown suede. Two wings are also made from the same suede just in a darker shade of brown. Also the mid panel is made out of a laser cut light brown leather which resembles duck feathers. Also the Swoosh and tongue are made out of a blue-green iridescent material which resembles mallard duck feathers. Furthermore the tongue tap also plays on the duck concept and says „Duck High Pro“ instead of Dunk and is made out of leather and is in an vibrant yellow. Also the Dunk features a luxurious toile print leather sockliner.

It also comes with dark cream, burgundy and vibrant yellow laces.


Release info: COMING SOON !

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