Nike SB Dunk High Hawaii

Nike SB Dunk High Hawaii

Nike SB Dunk High Hawaii

Hawaii was annexed on August 12, 1898 by the United States under the Newlands Resolution. In August 1959, Hawaii was finally declared the 50th state of the United States.

Remarkable similarities can be found between the “Natives” in Hawaii and the Native Americans on the mainland. The white man brought them one thing: trouble. Beginning with the British navigator James Cook, who strained the hospitality of the islanders to such an extent that he was lynched in the end. That makes me think.

The majority of people who throw Hawaiian-themed events and who exchange cheap plastic leis do not do so to intentionally insult or harm native Hawaiians. Rather, it’s usually a decision made without thinking about its implications or the message that it sends to these people.

In an interview with Deep Green Resistance News Service, activist and native Hawaiian Anne Keala Kelly I realized that the idea we have of Hawaii is completely wrong and that Disney movies only make things even worse. Therefore we use this chance to inform you about this issue and ask you to carry this thought into the world and to further tell others about it.

With this in mind, I would like to recommend this deeper and most of all respectful exploration of Hawaii to you.

“If people want to stand with us, it would help if they understood that cultural appropriation is what follows the physical appropriation of our land and government, and the psychological appropriation of our way of being” Anne Keala Kelly.

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